Grassroots Fundraising: Workplace Giving & Corporate Matching Gifts

Get your workplace to support the fight against brain cancer. There are two main ways employers can support nonprofits; payroll deductions and grants. Whether you’re an employee or an employer, we’d be happy to chat about making Head for the Cure an approved charity for your workplace giving programs.

There are three main ways for employers to support nonprofits: payroll deductions, grant opportunities and matching gifts.

Payroll Deduction
Many companies offer charitable payroll deductions to employees. You pick the amount to be withheld and name Head for the Cure as the organization you would like to support. If we aren’t already on your employers approved list, reach out and we’ll get that sorted. Head for the Cure can provide an information packet about our organization and about brain tumors to HR departments to help answer employee questions.

If your workplace does not offer payroll deduction, it’s easy to set up! Contact your payroll or human resources department and ask to set up an internal account for the payroll deductions. We will then work your company to direct the funds collected to Head for the Cure.

Grant Opportunities
Does your company offer grants? Many companies have grant programs, these grants are often distributed to nonprofits that meet the companies requirements and are nominated by an employee. Contact your HR department or check out your company website to learn more about the application process. We are happy to provide any information necessary to help complete the nomination process. Contact us at with any questions.

Matching Gifts
Does your company encourage you to raise money for non profits?  If so, they may be willing to match a certain percentage of what you raise and donate to Head for the Cure.  Let us know if we can help navigate that conversation or apply for a matching gifts program.