An Update on COVID-19 from Executive Director, Jenna Heilman

March 4, 2021


Despite the unimaginable challenges of 2020, the Head for the Cure Foundation continues to be inspired by the hope and joy that is ever-present in our community, which emboldens our work to build awareness, encourage fundraising, and inspire the same hope and joy to every person facing a brain tumor diagnosis.


We were able to collectively accomplish our impact this past year through our engaging virtual event platform. Our hope was that we would only have to adjust our platform for one year, but the unfortunate reality is that we find ourselves in an even more challenging time as safety restrictions and vaccinations continue across the country. We know that certain communities are easing restrictions for everyday life, but there is an additional challenge with hosting large-scale events.


While we desperately want to be with each of you as soon as possible to celebrate the lives of loved ones faced with this disease, the safety of our participants, especially our survivors and patients who we honor with our programs, is our number one concern.


We wanted to share the different considerations our foundation is following closely as we make the decisions to have a virtual or hybrid/in-person event.

  1. Current COVID numbers

  2. Vaccine administration for both doses in each city to gain herd immunity.

  3. Local and municipal guidelines for large events.

  4. Local Beneficiary regulations on supporting events.

  5. Current vaccine accessibility for staff in our collective communities to safely travel without putting anyone at risk.


We will continue to update our supporters as we learn more details each day. One truth continues to remain: the need to fund research and support patients is ever more present with the effects on treatment during the pandemic. Each contribution, no matter the size or scope, is crucial to the brain tumor community. This pandemic will one day end, but people will still face this terrifying diagnosis. To find out how you can continue your support, visit our events calendar or contact one of our amazing team members.


Team Members

Ali - Orlando, Charleston, Seattle, Cleveland, NC Triangle, Mid-Missouri, Rochester (Interim), Salt Lake City (Interim)

Courtney - Central Texas, North Texas, Midland, Houston, San Antonio, Phoenix, San Francisco (Interim)

Maddie - Columbus, Wichita, Omaha, St. Louis, Detroit, Des Moines, Chicago

Jenna - Pittsburgh, Metro Kansas City, Bike Ride, New Jersey, New York, Bronxville

Laura - Grassroots Fundraising Events


Current Virtual Events as of March 4, 2021:

  • Orlando (February 20th)

  • Charleston (February 27th)

  • Central Texas (April 11th)

  • North Texas (May 1st)

  • Midland (May 8th)

  • Columbus (May 22nd)

  • New Jersey (June 5th)

  • Wichita (June 12th)

  • St. Louis (June 19th)

  • Seattle (June 26th)