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Brain Cancer Awareness 5K

Barb was still a young, healthy woman with a husband and a couple of children at home. A GBM or glioblastoma brain tumor brought an instantaneous change into all of their lives. While going through surgeries and various treatments, Barb wanted to see a 5K created to help bring awareness to this horrible disease and raise funds for research.

Meanwhile, Dorothy, a wife, mom, and grandmother of another family in the same community had recently lost her battle with the same type of brain cancer and were looking for a way to bring awareness and help with research.

The two families were connected by their doctor and the Brain Cancer Awareness 5K was born in 2014. Each year the race has grown in participants as well as more funds raised for research. Each year has also brought more families into our family who have also been impacted in one way or another by brain cancer.

It is the memories of each of these families who have battled so valiantly and courageously that keeps us motivated to bring an end to brain cancer and offer hope to those still in the fight. Cancer can’t finish this race.