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The Earth and universe have indefinite cycles that can be predicted – why wouldn’t they exist in the way we look at the weather?

The LRC describes this regularly cycling pattern and provides us with insight and information based not just on historical data, but predictive analysis through the LRC. We can predictably provide insight as to when significant weather events will happen, from major winter storms to hurricanes, from droughts, heat waves, and floods to severe weather outbreaks.

Predictions made using the LRC® are 80% accurate and help businesses worldwide proactively mitigate risk and capitalize on weather impact events.

Our model takes into account not only historical data and norms, but also cycling patterns for the current year.

We provide predictive data tools and information that are factored into our customers’ weather risk mitigation and management strategies as an additional tool for disaster planning and preparedness.

These reporting tools can be tailored for customers by targeted region to provide weather impact estimates by strength, odds, and population. In addition to these detailed reports, customers can have access to our exclusive products, including access to our proprietary API, modeling software based on the LRC, and ZIP Code outlooks based on the LRC methodology.