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Our Programs

Head for the Cure is committed to making a significant impact by actively engaging in community initiatives, offering educational resources, and fostering connections within the community. 

We achieve this by following our three guiding principles:

Building Awareness

This disease is not widely known and needs advancements in treatments to help patients.

Head for the Cure advocates on behalf of all who have faced this disease in order to bring light to the need for funding for clinical trials to find comprehensive treatments.

We accomplish this through a variety of different initiatives:

  • Supporting legislation for clinical research and patient access to care
  • Publishing articles and resources on Brains for the Cure
  • Sharing stories from our Ambassadors program
  • Initiating national awareness campaigns

Our 5K run/walk events and other fundraising events and campaigns directly support clinical research and programs.

Through a variety of different fundraising efforts, Head for the Cure supports clinical research and patient programs at local brain cancer clinics and foundations and nationally at the Brain Tumor Trials Collaborative. Fundraising includes some of the following:

  • 5K Events hosted across the country
  • Community driven fundraising efforts
  • Memorial donations
  • National and local sponsorships

Raising Funds

Igniting Hope

No one should feel like they are fighting a brain tumor alone.

A brain tumor diagnosis can leave one fraught with emotions. Head for the Cure strives to bring the community together so no one feels like they are fighting a brain tumor alone. We celebrate each unique journey while providing resources to help guide through their diagnosis:

  • Celebrating the community with Keeping the Faith and Legacy of Love recognition
  • Providing video testimonials and resources on Brains for the Cure
  • Sharing inspirational stories through social media

Explore Our Programs

Head for the Cure programs serve as valuable resources for patients and caregivers, providing essential support during their challenging journey.

Click to learn more about each of our programs below and how to get involved.

Brains for the Cure

An online resource for patients and caregivers navigating a brain tumor diagnosis featuring personal stories, support groups, and educational videos.

Support Groups

We offer monthly online Caregiver and Patient support groups to let anyone know they are not alone.

Rare Enough Podcast

Hosted by DJ Stewart, GBM Survivor, and Head for the Cure’s Fundraising & Community Relations Coordinator. 

SPRING FUNDRAISER - widows photo booth

Community Fundraisers

Big or small, every effort to raise funds, awareness, and hope for the brain tumor community will help us defeat brain cancer step by step.


Ambassadors share news and personal experiences, activate new participants, cultivate donors and sponsors, and so much more all for the fight against brain cancer.

Advocacy & Awareness

Head for the Cure makes a real impact through storytelling, advocating for community initiatives, and education. We strive to improve the lives of those affected by brain tumors.