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Brain Tumor Trials Collaborative

In 2007, funds raised from the first 4 years of Head for the Cure helped lay the foundation for the Brain Tumor Trials Collaborative (BTTC). This cooperative was designed to bring together multiple top brain tumor centers across the country to work together on clinical trials and best practices to advance the research and treatment for brain tumors. Over the past 13 years, the BTTC has now grown to over 30 different centers. Head for the Cure is honored to continue to support the BTTC through annual grants made possible by the generosity of all of our donors.

Why is the Brain Tumor Trials Collaborative So Important?

Collaboration Can Lead to a Cure

What Are the Benefits of the BTTC?

Bringing Innovation to the Fight Against Brain Cancer

Dr. Frank Lieberman
The BTTC focuses on innovative trials and provides more trials for centers than they may have on their own. The BTTC also has many trials that are presented by young investigators.

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