In 2007, funds raised from the first 4 years of Head for the Cure helped lay the foundation for the Brain Tumor Trials Collaborative (BTTC). This cooperative was designed to bring together multiple top brain tumor centers across the country to work together on clinical trials and best practices to advance the research and treatment for brain tumors. Over the past 13 years, the BTTC has now grown to over 30 different centers. Head for the Cure is honored to continue to support the BTTC through annual grants made possible by the generosity of all of our donors. 

What makes the BTTC an integral part of the fight against brain cancer? Hear from some of the doctors themselves!


Why is the Brain Tumor Trials Collaborative So Important?

Dr. Ekokobe Fonkem 
Addresses the importance of multiple centers working together as one center would typically not have enough patients to complete a clinical trial or have enough data on their own.


Collaboration Can Lead to a Cure

Dr. Howard Colman 
Describes the initial idea of what the BTTC would be and how the BTTC tests drugs/trials quickly and efficiently at many top centers across the country.

Dr. Simon Khagi 
Addresses efficiency of the BTTC and that it allows for drugs to continue in research or be eliminated as ineffective quicker when data and results are presented collaboratively rather than from a single site. The BTTC allows for doctors/centers to learn from one another and provide treatment to patients that much sooner. 

Dr. David Cachia 
Discusses a currently open trial at MUSC. MUSC continually works with the BTTC to open new trials as patients are often looking for new trials that could help their longevity of survival.


What Are the Benefits of the BTTC?

Dr. Priya Kumthekar 
Being a part of the BTTC means not being alone in the fight and working amongst some of the top neuro-oncologists for one common goal. The BTTC brings the culture of collaboration to the fight against brain cancer.


Bringing Innovation to the Fight Against Brain Cancer 

Dr. Frank Lieberman
The BTTC focuses on innovative trials and provides more trials for centers than they may have on their own. The BTTC also has many trials that are presented by young investigators.


Support Brain Tumor Research!

Dr. Nicholas Avgeropoulos
With the rate of brain tumors diagnosis, one site typically can not have a successful trial on their own, however the BTTC alleviates that by having multiple sites participating in one trial. Also discusses the importance of Head for the Cure involvement/donations to support the BTTC.