Brain tumor advocacy programs and awareness campaigns are essential to the fight to find comprehensive treatment for patients. By sharing stories through Brains for the Cure, testifying on behalf of the community for different initiatives and legislation, and driving campaigns around the disease, we have the ability to make a direct impact in the lives of those who have been touched by a brain tumor.

Our impact continues across the entire community. Through research grants to our Ambassadors to honoring patients and caregivers and encouraging fundraising, our efforts are felt across the country.

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This online navigator is designed to help patients and caregivers understand, manage, and cope with all the twists and turns of a brain tumor diagnosis.

Sport your gray ribbon, share your story and join Head for the Cure to raise awareness in the month of May!

Head for the Cure joins other brain tumor advocacy groups to share stories to increase awareness around Glioblastomas

You can raise your voice to make real change, and we can help!

We offer monthly online Caregiver and Patient support groups to connect people across the country to let anyone know they are not alone.