The Head for the Cure Ambassador Program was created to expand our mission of spreading awareness, raising funds and igniting hope for the brain tumor community across the country. Ambassadors share news and personal experiences, activate new participants, cultivate donors and sponsors, and so much more all for the fight against brain cancer. 

Through social media, Brains for the Cure and helping others through personal connections, the Ambassadors have enhanced the mission of Head for the Cure by letting others know that they do not journey alone through their personal diagnosis or the diagnosis of a loved one. We hope to include more in the community including caregivers, nurses, social workers and others who represent those impacted by this disease. 

An ambassador is someone who is willing to share their story with the public, has a passion to help others in the community, and promotes Head for the Cure’s mission through social media, various articles, and one on one. If you are interested in joining our group of Ambassadors contact

Cole (Metro KC and North Texas) - Cole is an advocate for the brain tumor community in honor and in memory of his dad, Chris who passed away from a Glioblastoma (GBM) in 2003. Cole is excited to expand his involvement with Head for the Cure beyond race-day centric roles toward broader foundation level roles. He's thoroughly enjoyed getting to be involved in the Metro KC and North Texas Races, but is excited about getting to experience new races, new events, and other new parts of Head for the Cure.

Emalee (Omaha) - Emalee is a brain cancer survivor after being diagnosed with a grade 2 astrocytoma in January of 2018. Emalee wants to ensure that other families having the same experience are not alone on this journey and she wants to help the community learn and grow from one another. "It is only with this sense of unity that our communities can advocate for better outcomes in the brain cancer space."

Anna (North Texas) - Anna is a brain cancer survivor after being diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of 12. Anna is most excited to spread awareness for this disease and to help Head for the Cure reach their ultimate goal - finding a cure.

Kyla (Charleston) - In 2018, Kyla was diagnosed with an inoperable glioma at the brainstem. As an Ambassador, Kyla wants to share her story and inspire others.

Lisa (Metro KC, St. Louis, Seattle, Bike Ride KC) - Lisa was diagnosed with a ganglioglioma brain tumor in 2013. Lisa is ready to help spread awareness and raise funds for an organization that has meant so much to her. Every time she attends an event with Head for the Cure she is grateful for the work they do each day to help others and she is inspired by the stories she hears.

Dr. Khagi (NC Triangle) - Dr. Khagi is a Neuro-Oncologist at the University of North Carolina and leads their Brain Tumor Project. Dr. Khagi is excited to have more opportunities to engage with patients, families, and the medical community through Head for the Cure.

Jennifer (North Texas) - Jennifer was diagnosed in August of 2012 with a grade 2 oligoastrocytoma. As a survivor and an Ambassador, Jennifer wants to help any way that she can to find a cure for brain cancer!

Nicolle (Seattle) - Nicole was first diagnosed when she was 9 years old and since then has had 6 surgeries, radiation therapy, proton beam radiation, and gamma knife radiosurgery. She is a mother and wife and an assistant principal. As an Ambassador, Nicolle is looking forward to building more awareness for the brain tumor community because without the awareness there will be no advancement for treatments like she's been able to receive. 

Molly (Detroit) - Molly is a brain cancer survivor, or as she calls herself a brain cancer thriver. She was diagnosed with a Grade III Anaplastic Astrocytoma in 2016. Molly works with several organizations across the country to advocate for the brain tumor community and as a Head for the Cure Ambassador, she is most excited about being purposeful and being heard.

Angela (Orlando, Omaha) - Angela is a brain tumor survivor and was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in 2013. "Being an Ambassador allows me to share a small piece of my own story while honoring others whose stories far exceed my own."

Sam (Columbus) - Sam is a brain cancer survivor and was diagnosed in 2008. Sam is excited to get others involved as an Ambassador and wants others to know that however big or small their contribution is it is important and appreciated.

David (Detroit) - David is a survivor. As an Ambassador, David wants to show all those impacted by brain tumors what is possible and provide positive support within the brain tumor community.

Jenny (Chicago, St. Louis) - Jenny was diagnosed in 2009 and has called herself a brain tumor "thriver" ever since. Jenny is thrilled to do whatever she can to help Head for the Cure's mission and work for a cure!