December 4, 1945
October 20, 2006

Michael Zawada

My father was a wonderful person- to me he was the most wonderful person I have ever known or will ever know. I aspire to be more like him with each day. He was funny and compassionate. He was my shining example of unconditional love- the first person who loved me, before I even loved myself. He taught me the value of honest work. He loved Yankees baseball, the Four Seasons and a good buffet. I wish we had more time together. He died before I could even begin to imagine how much I would miss him or how much we would miss out on. He wasn’t there when I got married or had a child. He would have been the best grandfather. It wasn’t until I became a parent myself that I realized how much he sacrificed, how hard he worked and the depth of his love for his family. I can never come close in my lifetime. His legacy is not in his accomplishments in life but in his love that lives on. He is in everything I do. I remember his favorite songs and foods and phrases. I try to instill his values and teachings in my daughter. She carries his last name so that she always has a piece of this great man who she will never know.

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