February 11, 1991
October 13, 2016

Steven Bienz

In the 25 short years that Steven graced this earth he lived a very full life, he traveled to many countries, played any sport he could, had good friends, fulfilled his desire to be a chef and always made family his #1 priority. Steven was very loyal to those he loved and could be your friend in a simple conversation, he had the ability to make those around him feel special and it was truly sincere. Steven was very passionate about his Seattle Super Sonics, the NBA, soccer, football and anything else that involved sports, he was determined to help the charge to bring the NBA back to Seattle. Steven at 6 foot 5 was always the center of the room, the life of the party and had a witty sense of humor, he battled his cancer with the same humor and optimism. Although he only lived a short 5 months he never stopped fighting and believed he could be the guy to help others down the road. When the cancer returned with its ugly vengeance Steven still battled like a true warrior and worried more about those he loved then his own fate, his biggest concern was how it would impact his family, he was still giving when he should have been taking. It isn't possible to describe the void but it is possible to describe the impact he left on his friends and family, we are all far more aware of our actions, a lot more forgiving, less judgmental and look for the good in everything. To the moon and beyond Stephono

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