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Healthcare Heroes


Dr. Jan

Drappatz, MD

Submitted by:
JoAnn Heckman

I would like to nominate Dr. Jan Drappatz for the Head For The Cure Healthcare Professional. He is an amazing neuro-oncologist at Hillman Cancer Center, Pittsburgh, PA. Over the last 10 yrs., he has been very caring, compassionate, & professional. He always takes his time, listens to my questions/concerns, & reviews my MRI slides at each apt. He even listens to my parents concerns, even after hrs, by phone or email. He has been with me from the onset of my GBM, my two strokes, & continues to treat me. He encourages me to stay positive, keep the faith, live one day at a time, enjoy & live life, & to pursue equine therapy/dressage & special olympics. I have been blessed to have him as my neuro-oncologist all these yrs.