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Healthcare Heroes



Submitted by:
Dr. Elizabeth Maher

I am nominating Myriam Zoghbi, a truly outstanding neuro-oncology nurse, for the Healthcare Hero Award. In Neuro-oncology at UT Southwestern and Baylor, she’s “Myriam” – everyone knows her, and her patients adore her, as many at the North Texas Head for the Cure 5K can attest to. Families count her among their closest confidantes, the source of wisdom and practical advice. Above all, it is her dedication and passion for her work and the loving comfort and hope that she brings to patients and families, that all cling to. I had the privilege of working closely with Myriam for over 5 years. I watched her with countless patients who came to rely on her for her ability to explain anything, organize everything, and, above all, be an anchor in the stormy brain tumor day-to-day world. Myriam works tirelessly, relentlessly, passionately, and with only one goal –to help every one of her patients and their families. She laughs, she cries, and she worries. Long after the day ends, Myriam is still thinking, double-checking labs and schedules, and often checking in with someone she is worried about. Long before we think of something her patient might need, she has done it. Myriam has made a profound and lasting impact on the neuro-oncology community, one patient and family at a time, one day at a time, year after year. She is an exceptional nurse, colleague, confidante, and friend! She embodies the inspiration and gratitude of the Healthcare Hero Award. As her patients say – THANK YOU! WE LOVE YOU,