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Healthcare Heroes



Submitted by:
Sonjia Preston & Family

Marci Simmons started coming to the house around the middle of February 2021 after we got Wayne’s terminal brain cancer diagnosis. She ALWAYS brought him root beer candy, hung out and made him laugh and when Wayne would give her a hard time she gave him a hard time right back. Marci was there for my mom when she had questions, taught her the easiest way to do things when it came to being a caregiver and after she got done with Wayne’s visit she would go outside and just sit and casually visit with my mom while Wayne was sleeping which really helped my mom relax a little when things got overly stressful.

As Wayne’s cancer progressed and he started declining more we all started having a lot more questions and Marci was quick to explain what was going on every step of the way even if it meant we called her at home late at night and she always reassured us that we were doing everything we could to take care of him, love him and comfort him. Just having that support meant so much to us.

When Wayne got closer to passing away she took the time to spike his hair and even offered to go re-spike it at the funeral home. And after Wayne passed away she cried with us, laughed with us, sat with us while we reminisced, had plenty of hugs for all of us and she came to the memorial service. We had some amazing nurses but Marci went above and beyond and for that reason, we would like to nominate her for the healthcare hero.