Martye Guthe

There is much to say about how Martye is navigating while coping with a chronic illness. While I am not a cancer patient, I have worked with many. Martye has something quite unique and special. I affectionately describe her as a “juicy” lady with a contagious energy, spunk and depth. This juice fuels her declared positivity. She makes no bones about it: she surrounds herself with the positive, creates more of it and that is that. Mind, body, spirit must all be honored together for health. Martye is nailing this. Spirit: hers is large, full and continuing to grow. Martye knows much about using her resources to facilitate good coping and yes, even to improve her health. Her coping skills are to be emulated and respected. She uses her “Courage” at every opportunity and knows it is there for her. Martye understands that wearing a “Detective Hat” is necessary in her cancer journey to research, learn and discover. She welcomes support offered by others to learn what she needs to know to make her choices. She goes inside and checks to see what her real “YES/NO” is, what really fits for her, and acts accordingly. Martye walks around holding a Golden Key in her hand to open any door which might hold a new possibility. When I connected her with an exercise trainer who shared her journey, she didn’t hesitate to start working out with him. I do wonder who is training who in there! I think we can all guess. I am always struck with the way she is using her “Wishing Wand,” her ability to hope and dream. Her love of family fills her dreams and guides her decisions. If you ever see her Christmas card, you will understand what family can look like. Every conversation has a mention of a dream she has involving her husband and family. Finally, she relies on her Wisdom Box, her inner knowing, her ability to trust her gut to navigate each and every turn in this journey. Watch Martye and learn. You will see what is means to live presently, wholeheartedly and fully.

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