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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Tricia Meehlhause

On November 4, 2020, a visit to the ER for an extreme headache led to the discovery of Abby’s brain tumor. Two days later she was supposed to be on the football field at her high school being honored as a senior homecoming attendant, but instead she was in the hospital awaiting surgery. On November 9, the tumor was surgically removed and Abby was soon diagnosed with a malignant medulloblastoma. Since this type of tumor starts in the cerebellum, her muscle coordination, balance and movement were all affected. The recovery and treatment journey began with 5 weeks of inpatient rehab followed by 6 weeks of proton radiation. She has had countless outpatient OT, PT, and Speech therapy appointments following the surgery and she continues to set and meet goals as she works toward full recovery. She is currently in the midst of a chemotherapy regimen that is scheduled to conclude in January 2022. Abby will graduate with her high school class later this month and is set to begin her freshman year of college in the fall.