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Keeping the Faith




Adele’s Story of Faith, Hope and Courage My wife, Adele, and I were on a vacation in Italy to celebrate her 60th birthday. On our first day she had a seizure at 12:00 noon in front of Santa Maria di Montesanto church. Adele spent the next four days in two Rome hospitals before being diagnosed with a brain tumor. Once her tests results were in, we flew home. Surgery was scheduled for December 5, 2011. Dr. Rosenblum and Dr. Rock performed surgery and removed all of her tumor, which had grown four times the size in only four weeks. During her post operative appointment, Adele was informed by Dr. Rosenblum that she had anaplastic oligodendroglioma. She also had only one co-deletion, and she was in grade 3. Treatment started with radiation and a low dose of Temodar. That treatment lasted 30 days. She had a month of recovery, and then had a high dose of Temodar for one year. She had weekly blood tests, monthly breathing treatments, in addition to MRI’s. The follow-up MRI’s continue, and have not shown any reoccurrence. Adele has been a role model, called a hero, and inspiration by her family and friends. She had unconditional trust that she would succeed in her battle with brain cancer. Life has changed dramatically for Adele. She is thankful for the trip to Italy, and that her small tumor reacted to the air pressure of the long plane ride, which caused the seizure. Otherwise, that tumor would have grown into a much larger and dangerous tumor. A God wink as she called it, has given her a new and positive attitude on everyday life. She has a love and zest for life. Her family and friends have witnessed how faith in God has given her a whole new life starting at age 60. She is my hero and my best friend, who with this terrible life altering event has shown me, as well as countless others, that life is tough. You just have to be stronger with faith and hope. Our many thanks to the great Doctors and staff at Henry Ford. Bud