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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Sarah Morgan

In 2019, Adrianne was admitted to the hospital after an MRI found a mass in her brain. The tumor was removed on June 4, 2019, and pathology came back indicating it was GBM. After three surgeries, chemo, radiation, many infections, and wearing a helmet full time, Adrianne is now a Survivor. She always exuded strength and confidence in herself and faith in her doctors and her ability to Survive.

She did all this while raising two children, working a demanding job and being an amazing wife/sister/daughter/friend. She was always so present and positive, it was easy to forget she was suffering inside. Adrianne is an inspiration to anyone who knows her. And not just because she’s out there running a distance a lot of perfectly healthy people can’t or won’t do! She battled the cancer demon and still managed to keep her head held high, maintain her faith, and stay the wonderful person she’s always been. Adrianne is a true Warrior Princess.