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Keeping the Faith




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On March 21st 2013, our son, Kyle, and his wife Kelly’s six-year old daughter Evie went to see why her 3 ½ year old sister Allie was not awake. She found Allie with her eyes open but not responding. Kelly called 911. That first day of terrifying activity began 84 days of learning, bonding, horror, hope, struggle and love. Allison Michelle Fisher lost her battle with gliomatosis cerebri on June 13th, 2013.

Allie was a beautiful girl who loved life, loved her Duckie and owls and never liked going to sleep. Her affection for owls and her nocturnal habits got her the nickname Little Owl.

Allie’s beauty was her zest for life and her love of all the people she met. Her courage and spirit through her ordeal charmed her nurses and all who she encountered. Even as she neared the end and the cancer in her brain raged away and slowed her down, she was loving, engaged and playful.

Her sister, Evie, who loved her throughout and missed her when she was away, bravely supported Allie. And Allie clearly was inspired by Kyle and Kelly, who set an example for all while dealing with the worst thing life can bring to a parent.

Kyle and Kelly slept in the hospital every night that Allie was there and never left her side. They read books, sang songs and did everything possible to make things pleasant for her.

Near the end, as hope for Allie’s recovery faded, they pushed through the stress and total exhaustion to support her. They went through the tough process of keeping her ready to be a prospective donor to help others live and for research to someday defeat this cancer. They are making an impact through changes to the donor transfer process, active work with researchers, and their success in organizing a team of over 150 people on Team Little Owl – all here today in memory of Allie.

Through their efforts, Allie had all the love and care possible. Her spirit lives on in the hearts of so many as she continues to help in the journey to find a cure for brain cancer. We would like to nominate Kyle and Kelly for always continuing to keep the faith in loving memory of Allie.

* June 13, 2013 we began to honor the memory of Allie.