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Keeping the Faith


Allison (Ally)


Submitted by:
Crysta Baier

My brave daughter was diagnosed with glioblastoma in December 2016. We had two surgeries to remove the tumor followed by extensive radiation treatments and chemotherapy. She continued her tae kwon do classes, went to school as she was able, and mostly lived the life of a normal kid. In January 2019, the tumor came back. Again, we operated and removed the tumor, followed by a smaller dosage of radiation. Sadly, the tumor came back a third time this summer. Since July 11, Ally’s been fighting our third round of this. Ally, not being one to give up, wanted to fight. We contacted KU, and we changed doctors. We are now on a new treatment plan through KU Med, and we are hopeful that this treatment will help. Through all of this, Ally has handled herself with grace, kindness, and strength. She is very deserving of the Keeping the Faith award as she exemplifies a girl who is unwilling to give up.