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Keeping the Faith



Submitted by:
Teresa Breckenridge

Have you ever met an individual for the first time and after just a few minutes in their presence you know you’re being blessed with a life-long friendship of being inspired? That is what it was like when I met Amanda! You see; she’s not only a dear friend, but she is also my Direct Supervisor at Visit Grove City, Ohio’s Convention and Visitors Center. In early January, 2022 she interviewed me for their Marketing Assistant position..THREE hours later; we are sharing professional stories, laughing, creative ideas are flowing, and then she shares her story of being a brain cancer survivor like it’s no big deal, on top of being a Mom of an eleven year old son, and seven year old daughter!! I remember thinking how in awe I was of her positive outlook and truly nuturing spirit. She shared with me that in November of 2015 her life turned upside down. How she’ll never forget the moment they put this Hannibal Lecter-like mask on her with a mirror [that allowed her to see] the people in the control room. She said, “There were two people in the room when it started, and then there were two more and, by the time it was over, there were eight. I knew something was going on.” The MRI had revealed a mass on her brain. She found all this out while having a special Disney trip planned for her family that she thought about postponing, but decided to go in December, before having a five-and-a-half-hour craniotomy performed! Her personal story to me is a Humble and Inspiring One! Humble – because her journey the last six and half years has taught Amanda to celebrate every moment of life, good and bad without accolades or complaining. Inspiring – because her story of educating and assisting others by tirelessly conveying to never underestimate a symptom could save lives! Her mantra: “Serve others, use your life experiences to help other people, and celebrate every moment. Don’t hold back.” “No symptom is too small,”. Thank you Amanda for being just you! Love you, Teresa