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Keeping the Faith




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Amy Smith is my cousin, but honestly more like a sister and is the strongest person I know. After a bout with colon and uterian cancer about 10 years ago, she was diagnosed with glioblatoma. Genetics showed that this was related to a gene mutation called Lynch Syndrome. This would now explain all of the cancers she has battled and beaten over the years, and gave me great hope that this would also be the same. Amy never once let this prognosis stand in her way and she knew that she would beat this again. So, that brings us where she is today-after tumor removal, chemo, radiation, immunotherapy, clean MRI’s and bloodwork, she has been cleared by the Dr’s. They have reduced the frequency of the scans and she is going about with her life cancer free! I beleive that Amy is the perfect candidate for a keeping the faith award as that is exactly what she does!