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Keeping the Faith



Van Winkle

In 2009, Amy was involved in a serious car accident with a close friend and her husband while trying to avoid a deer on the road. She was ejected from the vehicle, and a scan revealed two masses on her brain. Tumors. The first was a common benign tumor called a meningioma, but the second tumor located on the top right side of Amy’s head (close to her left motor skills) was an oligodendroglioma Grade 2 almost 3. It contained a mixture of 5 percent fast-growing cells (malignant) and 95 percent slow-growing cells (benign).

After 16 months of treatment, Amy’s scans were clear, then in early September of last year, she started having intense spells of ringing in her ears and numbness on her left side. An MRI revealed that the tumor had re-emerged, this time as a Glioblastoma Multiforme.

When her friend Libby stopped by to check on her after her surgery in September, Amy was remarkably upbeat. And knowing that Libby’s mom had battled lung cancer in 2010, she said, “Your mom beat cancer, so can I.” She said, “God and I have this. My dukes are up! I’m going to fight.” And so began the APW (Amy’s Prayer Warriors) campaign and its “Duke’s Up!” catchphrase.

Not for one second does she have any self pity, or negative thoughts. She is in this fight with her Savior and knows she can beat it. She has a teenage son and a 9 year-old daughter. She’s had to sacrifice a lot of “mommy” time this year and has had to rely on others to fill her shoes, which is an impossible task. But if you read a facebook post from her, or receive a text, you feel sure that God is working through her and her faith is so completely strong.

Throughout Amy’s journey, her unshakable faith – not just to herself, but to EVERYONE around her, has been inspiring. She is humble beyond the word. Her focus is on doing the will of God, and is a living testimony of what “keeping the faith” truly represents. Amy’s Prayer Warriors were formed by her friends to pray for her as they unite with her on her journey. Funny thing is she has been the rock when their faith has gotten weak or they question ‘why this is’.

Words cannot say enough about the source of strength, power, wisdom, and hope Amy is to everyone who knows her. In Amy’s words, “I am not worried or frightened. I am in complete peace. It is an amazing feeling to LET GO AND LET GOD COMPLETELY! Right now, my scans are awesome!! My doctor is so encouraged and so am I! We are on the right track and I know that I serve a God that is still in the healing business! I just received my second infusion (April 24, 2012) and am recovering from the meds but have no side effects and just need rest. Just know that I am truly blessed, and through this journey, I see life in a whole new way.”

Amy lost her fight to a malignant brain tumor on 3/12/13.