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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Laura Snyder

Andy was diagnosed in 2017 with an anaplastic astrocytoma on his brain stem. He had started having headaches for a short period of time before his diagnosis. Being a nurse, I encouraged him to get checked out by his Dr. His Dr at the time of course blamed stress and thought maybe he was having migraines. I remember one day Andy coming home and saying something wasn’t right. He was having increased pain and facial numbness. I immediately told him to get a neurology referral and an MRI. In October of 2017 he had that MRI and 2 days later a biopsy at UNC. His team of physicians have been phenomenal! As a BMT/Oncology nurse I am so glad I pushed for Andy to be treated at my home away from home. He has received the best care by in my opinion, the best oncology department around. Andy is still surviving everyday. We know his disease is aggressive and isn’t easily treatable but it’s been almost a year and he is still going strong! We have been together since the age of 16, have 2 beautiful children and the strongest support system out there! Andy is my best friend, my rock, my person! He truly is my hero and a fighter! Dr. Simon Khagi has been a blessing to our family, his knowledge and expertise has been our saving grace! Andy has been so humbled during the whole treatment course! He is taking it day by day and viewing each hurdle as just another step in the process; living the new normal! Go Team Snyder!