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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Erica Casey

This summer my mom texted me and asked what her claim was. I think she was in a meeting and everyone was giving their list of accolades. I said “your unselfishly help people during their bad and good moments, and you show up for your friends and family.” A couple weeks later I got the call from my dad I will never forget. They found a brain tumor after a MRI for hearing loss. I processed, I texted my mom, “You are stronger than you know, I love you” She responded, “I am strong and amazingly calm. I feel pretty blessed to find it this way. We’ll figure it out. Meanwhile, pray and be calm. Faith means without fear. I’ll let you know when it’s time to worry, but it isn’t now. Anita has always been a woman of God. One of the major mantras that she instilled is that we come from a long line of strong, faith-driven women – with strength through prayer. Through generations, our family have been prayer warriors. That is profound for me. It clicked when my grandmother passed away. After, I immediately felt that there was one less person on this Earth praying for me every day, I can’t explain it, but I knew exactly what it was and it all made perfect sense. I talk to my mom almost every day, and her strength has never wavered. Mom kept most of this tumor news on the low until we had more information. After a little convincing, mom decided that the best way to keep everyone updated was to start a FB group. We asked her what she wanted it called and without hesitation, she said ‘Anita’s Prayer Warriors’! Her posts are all 100% positive. Here is one little snippet from her first post on Facebook, ‘I am so grateful for the physicians and God’s hand in finding this so early and bringing me God’s peace. Since I’m strong, have no symptoms, have love and prayers and caught this early it seems like I can be a great testimony. I am sleeping well and I’m not feeling afraid or alone at all. Thanks for your prayers and your part in my life and victory over the cancer.” Today, I am proud to say that my mom’s claim to fame is that she is a Prayer Warrior and that legacy and fame will last generations.