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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Emily Schuldt

Ann is a woman with strength none can surpass and I can only hope to be half the mother to my daughter that she has been to me. Her journey with brain cancer began in 2007 when her mother, Donna Trenkle, was diagnosed with Stage IV glioblastoma multiforme. Donna fought a very courageous fight for many years, a time during which Ann was an amazing daughter and, at times, caregiver. After suffering the loss of her mother, Ann was then diagnosed this March with Stage IV gliosarcoma. This disease has completely uprooted her life as she lives in rural Iowa and is not close to any treatment facilities. She lives in Iowa City during the week and is only home on the weekends. Despite this, and 7-days a week chemo/5-days a week radiation, Ann continues to remain in good spirits and have a beautiful smile on her face. She finds the beauty in her surroundings and continually shows love to her family. She is fighting a very courageous fight and is the perfect recipient of a “keeping the faith” award as she kept the faith during her mother’s battle and continues to do so during her own battle!