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Keeping the Faith



Montez Creeggan

Submitted by:
Angela Garcia

Anna has been my best friend since 2nd grade, as well as a sister along with her whole family. We met at the same parish where we attended the same CCD class, and she asked my twin and I to be apart of Schoenstatt along with our Mom & her mom. She had a really bad headache in 2014, and after having to go to the hospital, she was told she had brain cancer. This didn’t sway her fighting spirit in any way, although she fought hard and had some difficulties in her family after her mom got breast cancer. She remained steadfast in her faith, named her tumor Wilson & underwent a challenging surgery to remove it. By the grace of God, prayers and unyielding support and love from family and friends her surgery was a success and she is a brain cancer survivor. She was able to get married and start a family with her 1st child, shown in her picture, Eva. Anna is so full of life, courage and above all Faith. I’m truly blessed to call her friend and grateful even more that I have the honor of being her friend since 2nd grade. Our families grew up together and no matter the distance, when you see her or her family it is like time and distance were no obstacle. She is this way with every person that crosses her path, and her hope fuels blessings as well as spark miracles where otherwise would be darkness. She is a graceful soaring eagle, and truly that rare friend you can always count on for anything. Anytime. Anywhere. Thank you for taking the time to read my best friend’s story along with others who are nominated.