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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Brooke Malone

Ashley began having excruciating headaches in July 2017. After a trip to the emergency room, she knew she needed to have an MRI. She had just started Law School at Duke University and was driving to Durham and back home each day, despite those horrible headaches. The MRI was performed and showed a large mass. September 1, 2017, Ashley underwent a craniotomy to remove the mass and was diagnosed with Glioblastoma. After her craniotomy she was just a feisty as she was before she went in. Her first words were “where is Jordyn”. She amazed us all when she went directly from ICU, home only 24 hours after surgery. This tenacity has carried her through. She is by far THE strongest person I know! She has since undergone radiation, chemotherapy and is now using the Optune device. While I know she has been tired, scared, and overwhelmed she has been positive, strong, and continued to place her trust in God. She embraces her beautiful shaved head, deep down I think she likes it. Ashley isn’t high maintenance, so not having to fix her hair is probably a perk. As of her last scan, she showed no signs of regrowth. Thank God…we are at one year with no regrowth. She is a mother to Jordyn, a sister and best friend to me, a daughter and friend to our mom and dad and friend to so, so many! Even after her diagnosis she did not waiver in her ability to be all of these things to all of us. Jordyn is her biggest pride and joy and Ashley will stop at nothing to be the best mom! Ashley is an example of positivity, tenacity, strength and un-waivering faith!