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Keeping the Faith




Aundrell was 18-year old with no past medical history. He had an eye exam at America Best in Mid-Rivers Mall. He had some headaches declining vision. He had a very large Cystic hypothalamic mass that displaced his anterior cerebral artery ,internal carotid and thalamic perforators. He underwent a middle fossa craniotomy and resection of this lesion. had a complicated postoperative medical course. He developed diabetes insipidus with varying water balance challenges. he had third nerve function in terms of his eye closure and double vision. Eighty percent of his right frontal lobe was removed by suprasellar gangloglioma with multiple deficits. He has gone through Radiation oncology. Tumors came back after four operations and VP shunt placement. These tumors and Cysts are inoperable. Through all this Aundrell has keep his faith and a wonderful positive attitude. He has a heart for people and enjoy helping others. He takes care of his mom.He is a wonderful young man who enjoys life. He may have Brain tumors however they do not have him. He tell all his family and friends have the faith of a mustard seed and watch God do his works .Aundrell is a miracle they told us they did not think he would be here. He will be 21 on July 13 two years ago who would have thought our lives would have changed.