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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Alex Mitchell

My best friend Bailey Sanger has had a devastating battle with cancer but has remained my role model for positivity. Bailey is 24 years old and was diagnosed with brain cancer when she was just 23 years old after suffering from a random seizure leading her to the hospital in Oklahoma City. After her first surgery we all remained positive though the doctor was unable to remove the entire tumor due to the location in her brain. After 6 months of chemo and radiation, her MRI’s continued to be clear. However, in November 2014 her mother became suddenly ill with liver failure and passed away. Gina Sanger, Bailey’s mother, was our rock. She was bailey’s main caretaker as well as the main support system for bailey’s family and friends. Gina was always involved in the lives of her children, her children’s friends, and her community. Gina’s passing left an emptiness in the Sanger family and the only option at this point was to have Bailey’s sister, Anna, drop out of graduate school at University of Texas and get a home with Bailey. A few months after Gina’s passing, Bailey was called in for another surgery due to another growth seen on her MRI. After the second surgery, Bailey’s brain had remapped and they were able to completely remove the tumor. However, the doctors are certain the cancer will return and bailey currently participates in a trial that forces her to drive to Oklahoma City every two weeks for chemotherapy for the rest of her life. I want to nominate Bailey for her strength and courage through the loss of her loving mother but also battling cancer at a young age. I also want to nominate Bailey’s sister and mother. Gina and Anna are both important pieces in Bailey’s story and they deserve to see their family prevail. Thank you!