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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Asia Honeysuckle

We are approaching the year anniversary of my mother, Barbara Brazos’ diagnosis with a Glioblastoma. When I reflect on this it seems hard to believe. I want to use this platform to share with you my remarkable mother and place a face to this disease. Like many of you I think the world of my mother despite any or many of the differences we may share. She is devoted in all her roles. She is strong, capable, empathetic, loving, and kind. Even with staggering odds my mom continues to advocate for the betterment of her community. Even our team name embodies what she is: A Concerned Citizen. Actively involved with the fight against corporate farming, my mom continues to travel to our state capitol to again put a face to the constituents that are negatively affected by corporate farming. I know she makes an impact on those that cross her path. Her kindness is infectious and ability to care and leave you feeling valued is unparalleled. She is an extraordinary mother who is fighting the good fight against this disease.