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Keeping the Faith

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Submitted by:
Amanda Yant

In November 2017 Barry started smelling strange smells and having hallucinations.  Around that time he had a dream about a good friend who died from brain cancer in October 2017 come to him.

 In December 2017 while at work he lost his eye sight for several seconds.  The loss of his eye sight made him go to his family doctor. Barry’s doctor sent him directly to the emergency room.  It was then that he learned he had brain cancer.  

The surgeons were unable to operate at the time due to the amount of seizures that he was taking.  Finally, on December 19, 2017 (the day before his 58th birthday) he had surgery.  Surgery went well and the surgeon said he was able to remove 98% of the tumor.  

After several days he was sent home only to return to the hospital the next day not able to breathe.  He was diagnosed with aspirated pneumonia.  Barry had to spend Christmas in the hospital that year.  He finally was able to come home New Years Eve 2017. 

 In January 2018 he found out that he had Stage III anaplastic astrocytoma.  He would need chemo and radiation.  He was allergic to the chemo and would itch all over his body within 10 minutes from taking his medication. This went on for a year. He tried many prescriptions, creams and nothing helped.  

Then in February 2019 another set back came. Barry lost his vision in his right eye permanently from the tumor and the radiation.  

Barry is a survivor and a hero! He was always a hard worker and he had to give up his job as a tree climber that he loved due to his brain cancer.  He never gives up though with all of the set backs he went through.  

Today he will never forget seeing our good friend as we know it is her watching over him.