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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Anne Burke

We would like to tell you about our 28 year old kid Blake. While living and working as a Residential Counselor in Massachusetts Blake had bad headaches and nausea that went undiagnosed until going to the ER for what they thought was a sinus infection, this turned out to be a massive Brain Tumor and within 24 hours had major craniotomy surgery before we, family, were able to get there. The surgeon made special arrangements for my husband and some of our other kids to get in after hours to see Blake after surgery, we arrived as Blake was being brought into the ICU. Blake was able to talk to us and feel hands and feet and we were so elated. Little did we know that that was only the very beginning of Blakes journey! After moving Blake back home with us to North Carolina and completing 6 weeks of Radiation, losing all their hair and now going on their third round of Chemo Blake is the one that is the true inspiration for all of us. Blake has never lost the faith and believes in the best of all people, has never complained, has never asked “why me?” They’re also committed to taking care of themselves to such an extent that their nurses and oncologist are impressed! We are nominating Blake because of all the positivity that Blake inspires in us and others through Keeping The Faith and staying positive!