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Keeping the Faith

Knight Family



Brandon Knight is someone whose determination and drive is unlike any other. His wife says it’s what drew her to him when she first met him. In February 2010, she came to a greater understanding why those qualities would be such an important part of who he is.

Brandon at first shrugged off the head rushes, the mood changes, the difficulty sleeping and the sharp pains behind his left ear he had been experiencing, but he started to pay attention when people started asking about a limp in his right leg. An MRI revealed a tumor the size of a grapefruit on the left side of his brain that was diagnosed as a grade 3 oglio-astrocytoma. His surgery left him with a paralyzed right side, but his determination took him from a wheelchair to a walker to a cane and then to walking and even jogging, which he did at the inaugural Head for the Cure 5K – North Texas.

His wife remembers the words he spoke to her when he began this journey: “This is not about the tumor. This is a gift, this is what I have asked for … a way to share the love and grace and redemption of Christ.” And he continues to Keep the Faith.