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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Mercedes Batey

Where to begin. This beautiful, red headed lady is my younger sister. The summer of 2016, she started having episodes where she would pass out during work and wake up in a bed or in the ER and not have a clue what happened. While I was on vacation a few months later they admitted her to start trying to figure out what was wrong. She is a stubborn one and told family she was ok and they didn’t find anything when, in fact, they found a tumor. When on vacation, I got engaged and found out just two weeks later we were expecting our first child. With all that happiness, she took her diagnoses and hung it on a hook in her closet with just ONE friend knowing the truth. From November to June, she fought her tumor with chemo and crushed it without family knowing, and we all welcomed a little girl that same month. Just four months later that little girl was going to be a big sister just 9 months later. More happiness. One month after finding this out I got a call from her saying the episodes started again and there was a tumor this time (but in fact, it was just back and bigger). She fought that one again and by June, it was gone. She made it through summer, and fall that year. Just before Christmas of 2018, it was back. Doing scans every three months this time, they caught it early. This time it was smaller than a dime and before April, it was gone. We are three months into remission and has been feeling GREAT! We are praying and praying with our prayer warriors behind us hoping that this monster is gone and we have our Sunshine back for good. But until then, we will stand together and help her fight her monster TOGETHER!