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Keeping the Faith

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Submitted by:
Erin McCullough

Brooke’s Miraculous Battle I don’t want to say that Brooke Bustamante’s recovery has been a miracle- miracles just happen without anything to provoke them. I think it diminishes the intense work she’s put in to cultivate to harbor something incredible. I’d much rather say that she, herself, is miraculous. Far before cancer rocked our worlds, Brooke’s commitment to family was admirable. But since being faced with a seemingly insurmountable challenge of defeating a seemingly incurable illness, she’s blossomed into a true warrior. The love for her family- and more importantly herself- has exploded ten fold; so much so she wouldn’t dare let any of us be scared. And as if that wasn’t enough, adapting to a clean lifestyle with organic food and natural healing, her mighty body and brain carried a healthy baby boy. Our family’s first grandchild at that. Now, no matter what, her legacy will live on in him. Motherhood is hard enough without the looming reminder that life is incredibly precious. But, clear scan after clear scan, she continues to strive to grow stronger in body, mind, and spirit; all for her family. She chooses to live every day and to give her time supporting those who follow a similar journey. Regardless of cancer, there’s nothing more desirable and admirable than that courage. And as a cousin and friend, I’m honored to have her as an inspiration. We love you Brooke and we’re proud to be here for your miraculous journey.