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Keeping the Faith

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Submitted by:
Deanna Kotrla

My daughter Brooke was diagnosed with a 7 cm brain tumor in June of 2017. She is a brain cancer survivor! She had an awake craniotomy in June for over 10 hours and spent 4 days in ICU. The team as able to remove the deep part of her tumor but more of the frontal portion had to be left in order to keep her speech and motor skills intact, Since then she has had 6 weeks of proton radiation, egg harvesting, and is beginning a year of chemotherapy in October 2017. Brooke recently graduated from Texas Tech University in 2020 and is working in marketing in Houston, Texas. She continues her cancer surveillance program with the MD Anderson Brain and Spine Center. She is excited to be getting married in 2021 and continues to enjoy dancing in her spare time! Her positive spirit is contagious and she brings light into every room she enters. She has never had a challenge or discipline she hasn’t overcome and this new challenge with be the same.