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Keeping the Faith

2015-10-06 20



Submitted by:
Jamie White

After working so hard alongside the love of his life, Dad had reached the pinnacle of his career. President of a lucrative construction company & president of a well renowned organization, The Houston Contractors Association. His family was growing, his son married with two beautiful daughters & now a son on the way. My sister & I both recently engaged. You could say dad was on cloud 9. Then September 19, 2014 came, the day we learned of dad’s brain tumor. The day dad began fighting the biggest battle of his life. Dad was admitted into MD Anderson on Wed., Sept. 24th & went into surgery on Mon., Sept.29th. After removal of his tumor, we learned that dad had Stage IV Gliobastoma Multiforme. Dad was facing an even bigger battle than we thought. He went through 6 weeks of radiation & he still continues with chemo therapy. Some of which has been extremely brutal. Throughout everything dad has been such an inspiration to everyone around him. The strength, courage & faith that he has is immeasurable. He is the one that has been faced with this battle yet he does not complain nor feel pity on himself. Instead he inspires everyone else & continues to always put others personal welfare above his. On July 22, 2015, dad’s birthday, the doctors at MD Anderson told us that dad’s tumor was growing and there was nothing else they could do. They suggested my sister & I move our weddings up as soon as possible if we wanted him there to walk us down the aisle. The news hit us like a freight train coming at full speed. I could only imagine what dad had to be feeling & thinking. Then I was reminded why he is our hero & inspiration, his strength has never faded & his faith has never wavered. He continues to stay positive, he has never lost his humor, he has grown stronger in his faith & he thanks God everyday for the miracle that he is performing on his body & mind. Dad continues to fight this battle with family and friends supporting him and keeping God in control of it all!