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Keeping the Faith




On September 27, 2006 Carol was eating lunch when she had a seizure. She was rushed to the emergency room and after several rounds of tests doctors discovered a malignant brain tumor the size of a golf ball.

Carol initially began treatment in Tulsa, but after so many frustrating appointments and discouraging messages, she was connected with Dr. Sandeep Kunwar at Washington Hospital Healthy System in Fremont, California. Dr. Kunwar gave them the best news: he could remove Carol’s brain tumor. On November 1, he performed Carol’s surgery and now, seven years later, Carol is cancer free. She was once told she only had six months left to live, and boy did she prove them wrong! The journey wasn’t easy, but Carol never gave up and knew she could fight this battle.
During her journey, Carol’s faith never waned and she even continued her workouts and running. She is an inspiration to many people and continues to be a local spokesperson as a brain cancer survivor and helps people whenever she can. She is my hero.