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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Caraline Ayer

Catherine’s story began when she started to have difficulty with her speaking and was feeling “funny” at work. Upon arrival to her doctor’s office she had difficulty answering questions. Doctors were quick to question if she had suffered from a stroke, sending her to the hospital to get a CT scan of her head which revealed a brain mass. In June of 2011 Catherine Heidel’s life changed forever when a biopsy of her brain mass had revealed the diagnosis of an Oligodendroglioma Cancerous Brain Tumor. After an attempted removal, it became evident that the tumor could not be removed and that the only option was chemotherapy. Eight years later, Catherine remains resilient, strong and driven despite recent news. In April of 2019 my mom’s MRI showed that her tumor has started to bulk up and increase in size. After seeking out options and figuring out what would be best for her she has decided to begin a round of chemotherapy and radiation in the next coming months. She stays active in Junior League and Victory in the Valley’s Brain Tumor Support group, Headstrong, as a co-leader. She lives life with a sense of adventure and faith that is unwavering. Despite the setbacks of her diagnosis, she uses this as a tool to advocate for and help others. Living life with the brightest of outlooks, consistently encouraging others to be the best version of themselves, and giving love that resonates with everyone she encounters, Catherine embodies all that keeping the faith stands for.