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Keeping the Faith

Cathy Mindel



Submitted by:
Jodi Utkewicz

On January 28, 2019, Cathy was rushed to the hospital with a severe headache, eye pain and loss of her left peripheral vision. After several scans, it was revealed that she had a large brain tumor which was bleeding and massive brain swelling. Her tumor was operable and she underwent a craniectomy right away. Cathy was later diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme Grade 4. While recovering from surgery, she did the standard protocol of 30 rounds of radiation and continuous chemotherapy treatments; however Cathy encountered many complications. She had numerous transfusions and was left weak, tired and in debilitating pain. But through it all, she never lost hope or her spirit and was not going to let this disease defeat her. Complaining was not an option and to this day, she remains very positive and so very strong. Her daily fight entails monthly chemo treatments, raising brain cancer awareness, researching the best GBM clinical trials out there and talking to as many Dr.’s, cancer research centers and foundations around the country who will agree to talk to her. She is one feisty, determined individual who wants to help find a cure and refuses to let this cancer win. Cathy has a village behind her of family and close friends who give her that love and strength that she needs to fight this beast of a disease every day. When she heard about Head for the Cure, this was the perfect way for her to bring her village together to help raise awareness for brain cancer and by donating to cancer research. If there is someone so deserving of this Keeping the Faith Award, it would be Cathy. She is a kind, loving, generous soul who will help anyone in need and who gives unconditionally to so many. She is a true inspiration to others with her strength, courage, grace, positive attitude and relentless will to live.