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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Tracy Fouts

After Chance was diagnosed Jan 2018 he was just unsure of what was to come next & what was his purpose. He had been on the fence for years about joining a church due to past experiences.

So he decided to begin to pray about it, especially  on those restless nights going through radiation & Chemo at the beginning (still does).

He prayed for mostly positive people  to come into our lives and oh did they come! Head For The Cure being one of them!! Which inspired him more in his faith!

It’s been so inspiring and to watch him grow is such joy after seeing him lose his faith and indore such pain over this past year in a half with treatments. 

And then fall 2018 we started going to a church we fell in love with, especially  the community! And March 10th Spring 2019  (out youngest birthday) we got rebaptized and committed ourselves to God and Jesus our savior before  our pastor,  friends, family & our boys!!!

 We are truly blessed by how God has shined light in on our storm!! And may we all keep looking for the light in all the storms we are going through,  small or big!

Romans 8:28