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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Linda Spratt

Let me tell you a little story about a guy named Chase… Chase was diagnosed with a rare, high-grade glioma on January 25, 2016. For a healthy, athletic 28-year old guy who literally buzzes with energy, starting a new job in a new city with his lovely bride of 3 years (Corrinn), who together are now raising a 13-year old (Bam)… brain cancer was off-the-charts unexpected. But almost immediately, Chase understood that God had plans for him that were beyond his understanding. I’ve seen Chase accept his diagnosis, literally face it head-on with the power of prayer, and embrace it each day with Corrinn by saying “we can do this!” Chase has shown true strength and grace at a time when most would have crumbled. I’ve watched him minister to others when he himself has felt sick or weak. He’s loved on people during his own darkest moments, and always has an encouraging word or a joke or a prayer to give. I’ve seen and I’ve heard him give glory to God for allowing him to walk this road, even when he felt his own future was uncertain. Chase has not only embraced his illness with grace, but has allowed it to open his heart to greater use for the Lord, not wasting any opportunity to minister to others and share God’s love. In the past few months Chase has been the sickest he’s probably ever been in his entire 28 years, but the LIFE he has breathed in the midst of it is inspiring. His perseverance and his strengthened determination to live fully and love deeply during the past few months has inspired everyone he has come in contact with! He has not only kept the faith, he has increased it! So I’d like to nominate Chase for a “Keeping the Faith” award. Our entire “Chase the Faith” team can attest that he more than deserves it!