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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Dr. Nina Paleologos

My nomination for Keeping the Faith award is Cherise Fleming.  I first met Cherise in 1993 when her tumor was first discovered. I was a very young neuro-oncologist at the time.  She was even younger at only 22.  So, we have been with each other for a long time… 24 years.  In many ways we have grown up together. She has done remarkably well over these past 24 years, but those years have not been without their challenges.  She has undergone 4 tumor surgeries, 4 courses of chemotherapy, 1 course of standard radiation and 1 course of proton beam radiation.

Despite all of that, Cherise has lived her life fully with an unstoppable spirit. She marries, she had children, and she has worked throughout the bulk of those years.  She has traveled, climbed a mountain, literally.  She was even featured in Redbook Magazine.  She has thrown charity events to support my research.  She is fierce, kind, tenacious and loves her lads.  She loves her family, has great style and even greater shoes.  I have learned a lot from Cherise over the years.  I thank her for that. She is truly deserving of the Keeping the Faith award.