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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Madyson Gee

I would like to nominate my Dad because he is a true definition of a miracle. I will never forget the day my sister and I found that my Dad has been diagnosed with brain cancer. At the time there were so many unknowns & in the eyes of a 13 & 15 year old we were preparing for the worst. He was told it was the worst kind of cancer but was in a good location to be able to operate. He was given the chance to be put on an experimental drug and with a lot of HOPE and prayers we are blessed to still have him here with us for another day. Every year the 5k – Head for the Cure Foundation comes around its another year we have to celebrate all the fighting that was done to get us where we are today. Though we may never know the reasoning behind this horrible disease there has been wonderful friendships and support created through out this journey. We can not thank Henry Ford Hospital and all the wonderful staff that have made it seem like there was light at the end of the tunnel. Love, Your girls.