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Keeping the Faith

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Submitted by:
Carissa Jundt

My husband, Chris, started his brain cancer fight in 2008, one month before our wedding. One doctor even told us to cancel or move our wedding because he did not think Chris would survive. We were devistated but stayed strong and he had surgery and was able to walk dow the isle for our wedding. No treatment was needed at that time. In 2011, we found out that it was back. We met with Dr. Groves at MDAnderson and he came to the conclusion that Chris was misdiagnosed in 2008 and his cancer was more agressive than we origionally thought. He had surgery again and went straight into radiation and chemo. Before starting radiation and chemo we decided to look into options in case we would not be able to have children after treatment not knowing how his body would react. He was amazingly stong through both surgeries and treatment. Our Pastor and church gave him a standing ovation because Chris was determined to attend church just 5 days after having his second surgery! He continued to volunteer with Special Olympics weekly. We have kept our faith close and prayed that when God knew it was time, we would have children some day. Chris finished chemo in August 2012 and is doing wonderful. We also found out in January that we are pregnant WITHOUT needing treatment! God has miracles around every corner!