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Keeping the Faith




I can say many things about my wife’ story since she started dealing with the anaplastic oligodendroglioma stage III, which was removed in November 2012, then chemotherapy and radiation treatment in 2013. But, I would like to share with you a few quotes from friends that have seen Claudia going through those moments of encouragement and discouragement, and those moments when she thought that she was losing her fight against Brain Cancer.
Pastor Jeremy Schultz: “When I really got to know Claudia and Gabriel during the course of her treatment, I saw two people that were deeply committed to each other and who looked to the Lord for their help, healing and strength. There was time when they were afraid. There were times when they felt completely spent. But Jesus was faithful and He kept consoling them and helping them to believe that it would be alright. Ultimately, it was! God brought them through. He refined them in the process and they are now stronger than ever, both as a couple and as Christians!”
Shelley LaRose: “For the past year and a half I have watched Claudia go through some of the hardest moments of her life but the whole time never losing her positive outlook on life about the cards she had been dealt. She is one of the strongest and bravest women I have ever known in my lifetime and she is an inspiration as a woman, mother, wife, and cancer warrior. The Claudia we saw was so brave and courageous, never losing hope or questioning her faith. Claudia has helped me want to be a better person, without self pity and face life head on with no question of “why”? Claudia is a true survivor – never losing faith, never giving up, and always knowing there is HOPE”.
Jan Rodriguez: “Claudia’s inner strength and beauty seemed to grow as she bravely took on this overwhelming challenge to battle cancer each day. She never lost sight of the importance of winning for the sake of her family even on the most discouraging days. As a friend it was difficult to not be able to do more for her, yet her increasing faith and dependence on God is inspirational. We have all been affected positively through Claudia’s experience.”
Sherry Snock: “She has tremendous strength and courage! I have no doubt that her determination and positive attitude has made an impact on her clinical progress. She has been and continues to be, an inspiration to all of us walking with her!”
As of today, Claudia’s brain cancer is in full remission, thanks to the treatment at Siteman Cancer Center and her Faith in Jesus our Lord and Savior. Please, help us to Keep the Faith Alive, supporting the HEAD FOR THE CURE and hoping that soon the Medical Scientists can find a cure for brain tumors.
Love you…Gabriel, Gabriel Amaury, Adrian Alexander Cardenas-Salas and friends!