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Keeping the Faith



Submitted by:
Mary Beth Ianiro

My sister, Colette Kovach-Camp, was diagnosed with brain cancer in the fall of 2015. She had surgery to remove most of the tumor and then radiation treatment. Colette had gone through a few weeks of physical therapy regain her strength and walk again. She was recovering quite nicely and then had a seizure that set back her recovery. She continued to give it her all and fight this nasty thing called Cancer. While she will never be the same as she was before, nor have the strength that she once had, she continues to fight every day. She has weakness on her entire right side and walks with a walking stick, but that does not stop her from living her life as a mother. She is a very strong and determined woman! It has been 8-1/2 years since her diagnosis and she continues to give it her all every day! You, Colette, like our mother, is one tough cookie! Keep up the strength to keep fighting.