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Keeping the Faith



Submitted by:
Brooke Schesser

Connie is often referred to as “Wonder Woman” by her family & friends.  All of us admire her for her confidence, her passion, her drive, the love she has for others and more than anything, the fighter that she is.  Connie is a vibrant, selfless, caring, young 59 year old mother of 2, grandmother of 5, sister, and a great friend to all who know her.  After months of not being her usual self, Connie was taken to the hospital, Wednesday, February 19th, 2014.  After many test, Connie underwent surgery on Thursday, February 20th, for a brain tumor.  Pathology results showed that Connie has Glioblastoma Grade IV.  With this being an extremely aggressive form of cancer, one that typically doubles in size over 7 days, her family and doctors have met this head on and have taken an extremely proactive approach.  One week after her diagnoses she had another surgery to remove the whole tumor…it was a success!  However she still has a long road ahead, met with radiaton and chemotherapy.  Last week was her first week of her treatment, and though she seems to be doing well and responding great to it, it‘s still a long road.  One of physical struggles, emotional ups and downs and the fear of the unknown.  Connie is a strong woman of faith and believes in the power of prayer!  She continues through all of this to have a positive attitude and outlook. She is an inspiration to us all!

Submitted by Brooke Schesser

* June 28, 2015 we began honoring the memory of Connie.