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Keeping the Faith

Courtney Nicholas and Family



Submitted by:
Alyssa Weinrauch

Courtney is one of my sisters & best friends. In 2010 she & her husband, Allen, welcomed a beautiful, healthy baby girl, Alaina, into the world. During her pregnancy with Alaina, Courtney developed some drooping on the left side of her face that doctors thought was Bell’s Palsy. After she had Alaina, her face went back to normal until about 6 months postpartum when it began to droop again. With the urging of family & friends, especially our Aunt Sandy Pedersen who had a brain tumor removed just 5 years prior, Courtney went to see the amazing doctors at Henry Ford where they diagnosed her with a brain tumor on her left side behind her ear that extended almost to her brain stem. Courtney had her surgery on October 14, 2011 – 1 day before her daughter’s 1st birthday. She was very worried about missing her daughter’s 1st birthday, but decided it was best to get the surgery done on 10/14/11 & miss 1 birthday, rather than wait & miss more. The surgery was a success & the doctors were able to remove 99% of the tumor. She did need a weight put in her left eyelid to assist with closing as nerves for that function were damaged by the tumor. Courtney’s left side of her face never pulled back up, but to me it is her sign of being a warrior, a survivor. And a warrior she is! Courtney & Allen have raised Alaina to be an amazing, strong girl. Courtney excels at her job as a payroll manager, loves to cook & bake, & is open to trying all things fun with her family & friends! She actually just trained for & completed her first 10k run on Mackinac Island in June 2019! A feat that I don’t think would have crossed her mind in 2011. Courtney has been my role model my entire life as one of my older sisters & became even more of one in 2011. Now, as a Mom myself, Courtney has taught me there is no obstacle too great for you to overcome, not only for your child, your family, but for yourself. I am so thankful for the doctors at Henry Ford Hospital for all they did to save Courtney.